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Infrared LED and Camera integrated on same Pan/Tilt Base as Searchlight

The Brightest Beam You'll Never See ™

A Unique Security Solution – The NightFINDER LED™ strategically combines LED Visible Light, a Long Range LED Infrared (IR) Beam, a Powerful Strobe and a Lowlight High Resolution HD Color Day/Night Camera, within one versatile product.

Unlike Thermal Cameras, the IR Beam will penetrate glass, read names and numbers on vessels, identify weapons which have no heat signature, and produce a clear and crisp video image.

This unique technology does not replace a FLIR™ System, but rather works synergistically with it to provide the customer a Total Security System.

Here is how it works: The operator scans the horizon using the IR Beam like an “Invisible Headlight” seeing in total darkness. When an intruder is spotted, the IR Beam is used as a “Covert Targeting Device” to instantly illuminate the target with the Visible Beam, and if there is a danger, the Powerful Strobe transforms the searchlight into a Nonlethal Weapon.

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