CFx Xenon Yacht Searchlights Configuration Matrix

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CFx 200
Specifications:CFx 200CFx 350CFx 500
Watts200 Watts350 Watts500 Watts
Candlepower/Candella15 Million CP25 Million CP45 Million CP
Beam Projection3873 Meters5000 Meters6708 Metes
Electric Beam-Size FocusCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Environmental ProtectionIP56IP56IP56
Power Consumption115VAC/12 Amps or 230VAC/6 Amps; 50/60HZ115VAC/12 Amps or 230VAC/6 Amps; 50/60HZ115VAC/12 Amps or 230VAC/6 Amps; 50/60HZ
Vertical Span+35° to -35°
(Approx 70° total)
+35° to -35°
(Approx 70° total)
+35° to -35°
(Approx 70° total)
Horizontal Span> Full Circle (385°)> Full Circle (385°)> Full Circle (385°)
Approx Horiz Beam Speed12°/sec (fast)
3°/sec (slow)
12°/sec (fast)
3°/sec (slow)
12°/sec (fast)
3°/sec (slow)
Bullet-Resistant Nikel ReflectorCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
Remote Electric Beam-size FocusCheck MarkCheck MarkCheck Mark
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Sparkling Chrome Finish
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